The mission of the Women In Film Mentoring Program is to nurture emerging talent in the entertainment
industry. How? By connecting individual WIF members with established professionals who can offer advice
and guidance. Upon completion of the program, Mentees will have a deeper understanding of the specific
industry’s business practices and culture.THE PROGRAM:
­Length: six months. Mentees are paired with Mentors according to career interest and compatibility.
­Over the program’s six months, the Mentee and the Mentor will meet four times. (ideally once a month or
every six weeks)
­Mentees pursue an area that interests them. The goal is to let them learn, experience an activity and then
hone their skills. Mentors give helpful direction, take their Mentee to an activity of interest and share theirbackground/experience.HOW IT WORKS:
First meeting: Introduction
Mentee: Asked to bring a sample of their work to discuss with their mentor
Mentor: Reviews work.
Both: Get some insight to each other’s background – sharing successes, mishaps and stories are an
integral part of getting to know each other and better understand this industry

Second meeting: Shadow Session
Mentee: “Shadow” their mentor at their place of business for one day.
Mentor: Bring Mentee in to experience a day in their life ­ V/O recording session, a day of editing, a
rehearsal, brainstorming session, etc.

Third meeting: Recap of Shadow Session
Mentee: Ask any questions about what they experienced during the Shadow Session
Mentor: Answer questions and/or address concerns

Fourth meeting: Conclusion
Mentee: Required to bring a sample of a current or future project they will be working on, in order to receive guidanceand support from their Mentor
Mentor: Give honest feedback. Critique, advise and help Mentee to see areas of their work that’s working,
not working or even offer up a new way to approach their project/style/work

The goal of this Program is NOT for the Mentee to get a job. Its purpose is to make a contact in the industry
and to get helpful advice and guidance from an established professional in the Mentee’s field of interest.
The program is very competitive and is reserved for serious applicants only. Women In Film
will use its best efforts to match as many applicants as possible with appropriate mentors.

The Mentorship Program takes place every six months. You will be contacted when your application is
received and again if you’ve been selected for an interview with one of the Mentorship Chairs.
In order to apply for the Mentorship Program you must send the following to:

­Completed application
­Current resume
­Two letters of recommendation

WIF Mentorship Application

First and Last Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
The area of interest you would like to explore in the Mentorship Program:
What experience do you have in this area of interest?
What would you like to accomplish in the Mentorship Program?

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